Places to Visit in Mukteshwar

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To make the most of your time in Mukteshwar (also called mukteswar), check out the following places to visit and things to do in the Fruit Bowl of India.

1. Mukteshwar Shiv Temple
Visit the very famous Shiv Temple

The front entrance to Mukteshwar Dham Temple as seen from below the stairs leading upto the temple in Mukteshwar, District Nainital. Uttarakhand.

2. Rock Climbing , Trekking & camping (Breathe in the crisp mountain air)
The region is known for adventure activities of all kinds.

3. Lunch at the Himalayan Patio of Casa Dream
Having a lunch with your friends or family at Casa Dream is the sight which many crave for.

4. Bird watching
Birds are abundant in this high-altitude region of Kumaon.


Don’t forget to buy Locally Sourced Buransh Juice and locally-grown Apple Jams
Mukteshwar offers several delicacies for your trip back home. You can visit Casa Dream The Resort to buy Mukteshwar’s top native delicacies, such as Buransh (rhododendron) flower squash. Or if you are in the Apple season (July to September), do remember to pack a crate full of apples and locally made apple jams.