Wildlife That You Can Explore in Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a paradise for the people seeking peace and adventure together. It’s a very calm place in the foots of the Himalayas that also serves as a wonderful destination for wildlife lovers too. Anyone can come and explore this gift of the nature to discover the wildlife that exists in the woods. There are deep, dense forest reserves in this beautiful hill station which cover over a vast area of 50,000 acres.


This beautiful hill station is situated in the Himalayan regions 35 kms away from Nanital, which shelters home to a great flora and fauna. The natural landscapes and the wildlife scenario gives a great opportunity to all the nature lovers and wildlife photographers from everywhere to visit and discover the wide variety of birds and animals, living in open in the undisturbed environment. This hill station is close by the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.


Mukteshwar serves you as an ideal destination for bird watching and exploring the life in a natural habitat along many parameters. The Sonanadi Wildlife sanctuary mentioned above is an area of 301.76 sq km that falls between the Jim Corbett Park and the Rajaji Wildlife sanctuary, has a very rich bio diversity. To know more about the forests and wildlife you can visit Mukteshwar in any time of the year. The climate is one of the best with temperature ranging between 2 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius and no pollution at all. The trees that form the large parts of the Sonanadi Sanctuary include Sal, Sheesham, Khair, Asna, Bamboo. The animal kingdom comprises of the Asiatic elephants that migrate to these forests, tigers are visible in a very large number and hence the Jim Corbett tiger park have derived its name because of the large population of this animal. Other animals that are a part of this kingdom are Leopard, Bear, Cheetal, Sambar, Ghariyal, King Cobra, also mammals and reptiles. Among the aquatic animals, a freshwater game fish Mahseer is prominent in the area. Hence there is a lot to see, lot to feel and lot to explore for which all you need to do is pack your bags and drop in Mukteshwar. You dont know what you may come across, and what else you discover in the woods as the eminent people say talk to the wood, they tell you the century old tales. Specially the kids, they can have an outstanding time interacting with the nature and learn a lot about the flora and fauna.

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