MICE and Conferences

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As leaders we all have team to lead on daily basis. This does not happen minus motivator and nothing motivates as much as performance incentive. Now in the era of high flight fares all of us final ourselves flying only when the extremely critical to keeps our expenses at bay. So then how do we manage to having the carrot for our teams? How do we still keeps their attention and keep them going at full steam?

The idea is to work with at this stage will be to plan your MICE at distributors that are dose in proximity , and high on the activity quotient. One has to remember will not be the amount spent, but the experience. only and hence its vital to plan a destination which is easily accessible by road or rail. The advantages of road and rail travel is that since teams get more time with each other in every informal space , people tend to bond better unlike the almost formal and serious ambiance of an airport. Of course one saves tremendously on their budget.

Shorter travel times would also mean lesser language to travel with and makes the mood much lighter. A faster turn around would means the team is back to their work stations with all the +ve vibes they have gained the experienced and can be converted to performance instantaneously.

For corporate in Delhi/NCR , some of the nearby destination most preferred for MICE are Nainital and Corbett. They are both in just 6 hours drive away and pack a whole lot of adventure activities for people from all age groups. The abundant natural beauty of these places add to their values and have made them the most sought out MICE destination in the near past.

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