Grand Wedding – Use of Helicopters In India

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If your concern is “how to turn your wedding into a big fat pompous affair?” don’t worry we have compiled the list for you, which includes some of the recent trends like using charter airplane services, helicopters, drones and more. let us have a look:

1) Use of Helicopters on your wedding day

Make a romantic gesture, take your beloved by the wings and surprise her with a breathtaking view, capture moments in some of the exotic sites. Elope for a while from your wedding land on a mountaintop, next to a waterfall or beside a beach and make it a more memorable one, But how is it possible? you just have to incorporate a helicopter in your plan and you are ready for this romantic escape.Also, an entry on a helicopter is not a bad idea, you can use a helicopter for the arrival of the groom/couple entry and also for the ‘vidaai ceremony’, leaving behind some beautiful memories.

2)Pre-wedding photo shoots using drone

You can Cherish the time before your grand day by arranging a memorable pre-wedding photo shoot using a drone. Drones are the new craze, they are kind of mini helicopters with cameras. It will help you gravitate some creative shots and will elevate your normal pre-wedding photo shoot into once in a lifetime memory.

3)Flower dropping on wedding procession

Add a jaw-dropping effect to your typical Indian wedding, using a helicopter for that flower shower. No doubt, flower dropping will give a spectacular tint to the event and will accentuate the procession. It will become an unforgettable day not only for you but also for your family and friends, nothing less than a fairytale.

4)Marriage on Cruise

Blow a breeze of fresh air to your idea of a big fat wedding. Sail through the waves amidst the blue water while you both take your vows, this will definitely be a dream come true. Surely, this will pump up the whole atmosphere, as your near and dear ones will be all delighted and pleased. Everyone is going to be equally excited as you will be, for your D-day.

5) Destination wedding using charter airplane

Adding an element of surprise to your destination wedding won’t be a bad idea. Make a grand entry and leave everyone awestruck as you glide down the airplane, we bet nothing can be more pompous than this. This royal arrival will leave everyone mesmerized.

Charter airplane services are already present in all the major cities of India. Services of the charter airplane can start from 60,000 INR per hour onwards. Of course, the prices vary with time duration and type of the airplane used.

Other than all of the above mentioned things, there are so many other extravagant way to celebrate your wedding
or if i must say a destination wedding. Just this time your destination for the wedding can be up above in the sky, we are talking about celebrating your wedding in a hot air balloon, in this regard you can again use helicopter or a charter airplane.

Overall, we will advice you to slow it down take a moment plan it wisely and yay! you will surely create some magical moments. You have all our best wishes.